Tuina (or Tui Na) is a form of Chinese therapeutic massage

Co-founder of Touch Tuina, Mariana Arando discovered an interest in health and nutrition after having family members suffer from different health conditions. Arando is pursuing the path to discover how the human body works at optimal health.

Arando's journey started when she worked as a body therapist at some of London's premiere spas like Bliss, Calmia and Halo. She also worked at the Cancerkin Foundation at the Royal Free Hospital, helping cancer patients. Arando has been taught by esteemed practitioners such as Bharti Vyas, Marcia Kilgore and Errol Lynch to name a few.

Arando is versed in tuina, acupuncture, Swedish, holistic aromatherapy, sports and deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology, reiki, cupping, herbs and nutritional advice. She continues to train and expand her skills by regularly developing professionally with annual visits to China. She holds tuina certificates and diplomas from Zhe Jiang Hospital and has been awarded honorary council member for her role in spreading tuina and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the west.

Lending her expertise at the 2012 Olympics and working with Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham premier league football players, the Jamaican football team - 'The Reggae Boyz', and many high profile athletes ranging in varying fields, -Arando practices tuina as her main form of treatment. Arando is a firm believer that tuina incorporates the best from both eastern and western health practices in treating injuries, musculo/skeletal issues and pain management, whilst working with TCM principles of meridian and point therapy. She sees tuina therapy not as a luxury but as a necessity in today's stressful world, allowing patients to move beyond their present health limits and support them on their healing path.

Arando has a continuing interest in the healing powers of herbs and food. She makes her own liniments, tinctures, health predicts and creams when possible. She intends to incorporate some of her culinary joy and knowledge further with the use of herbs to bring alive the adage, "thy food is thy medicine".

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Mariana Arando performing some Tuina